Story behind the alignment of my stars!

And thus the story begins..!


I can’t believe that I am already married! The very word I was scared of even listening to before;πŸ˜‹ but its all fine now..because I got the same man, (soul be specific πŸ€—) I was married to in my previous births also!!!

Ya I know..insane right!! even I couldn’t believe when I was told…!!

So the story background goes like this..

I am an Indian, well in my previous birth also looks like I was one.πŸ€” For location and the scene scenario you would have to imagine the time of kings and queens in India (you know..the time when this Brahmana, Kshatriya,Vaishya and Shudra caste division existed…😴 Ya ya..i does exist now too..but the emphasis was more then!)

Now to the story..

No matter when you are born, as long as you are a living being, you experience love sometime or the other and that’s inevitable..and the same happened to me! 

I was a female child born to a brahmin family (nope, not a brahmin this birth!), an orthodox and self sustained family. I should say that the boldness and clear attitude of my ancestors to fight for what is right had rubbed off on me too😎..(It stands true even today or so I have been told..naaahh!! They just use a different term for selfish 😫)

Now about him all I know is that, he was not born to the same caste as mine..😞 (by now you would have guessed it right that, its a sin to even look at someone not born in the same caste as yours with a sense of affection..forget love..then imagine what it would be to marry someone 😱..I wonder how I survived!?! 😰)

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He being himself, smart, intelligent,the most selfless and caring gentle man he can be (😍) managed to steal my heart even then..but since we knew where we belonged we kept our distances..!

When he realised his life would be miserable living with someone else, he decided to fight for me against all odds..! (‘coz you know..a man has to live like 40yrs or so lifespan after marriage..that too if its with someone you don’t​ even know..God it would be terrible..good that he didn’t give up on meπŸ˜‹) and me being myself never gave up on my man!!

We had to fight against the will and wishes of our parents then (this birth..our parents are super cool!) had put them through misery and shame..and when they realised that we were happy brought more wrath and thus we were cursed! (Which we both are subjected to for all our births to come)

….to be continued